Moss Weaving Series

One of the things that I do next to warp Ikat Tapestry pieces is a moss weaving series. When I was studying textile art at the Kawashima textile school in Kyoto, the fluffy feeling of the moss garden in Kyoto was wonderful. I wanted to feel this fluffiness and the green colour indoors as well! Read more…

Warp Ikat Tapestry

Weaving a Warp Ikat Tapestry I weave lots of scarfs, mats, brooches and other smaller items, but weaving tapestry is the most enjoyable and creative process.Tapestries are generally woven by spinning and weaving techniques using a sketch of the motive. I, however, weave the warp ikat textile first and then Read more…

VAV interview 2018

VÄV 2018 Interview

I had a interview on the Swedish weaving magazine “VÄV” 2018 nr1. I talk about my textile art and differences between Sweden and Japan based on my experience as a Japanese textile artist living in Sweden. VÄV website: