I have hold handcraft classes for not only adults but also children (mainly 6 to 10 years old).
In my class we make weaving small Christmas cards, Weaving book cover, Felting leaves motif brooches.
We always use any kind of natural fiver materials like Linen, Wool and Silk,
Make your own art by your hand with natural materials.
Small group craft class is available near Frankfurt area, please contact me!

Hand weaving Christmas cards Beginner Level

This I often make for Christmas market and sharing experience in the handcraft class too.
You can make small weaving and give it to your families and friends with Christmas present!

Felting class Medium Level

We make a leave motif brooch by felting technique.
First you choose your favorite colors from my original hand dyed wool sheets and make it shrink by pressing and rolling with hot soaped water.
Ater you get a shape you can stich the lines by silk yearn.

Kids handcraft class