I am Kyoko Nakahara, a Japanese textile artist. I learned weaving at Kawashima Textile School in Japan and HVskola in Sweden. I have been weaving for more than ten years.

This blog is about art and life which is a bit the same. You are welcome to explore Japanese art with a Swedish/Scandinavian twist. If you are interested in my art you may check out the Boutique or contact me for individual requests.

Ronde Interview 2018
Ronde Interview 2018


2008-2011Kawashima Textile School Kyoto, Japan 
2010 HV skola Stockholm, Sweden 

 2011.9 “Textile & Text”  Sol Kyoto 

2017 “Chiisakute-Taisetsunamono-Ten”vol.3  Jiyugakuen Myonichikan, Tokyo
2016 “Chiisakute-Taisetsunamono-Ten”vol.2  Jiyugakuen Myonichikan, Tokyo
2015 “Chiisakute-Taisetsunamono-Ten”vol.1  Jiyugakuen Myonichikan, Tokyo
2014 “Comtemporary Art from Japan, partⅡ” Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
2014 “JAPAN MODE Wakunyousai” Ebisu Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo
2014  “Comtemporary Art from Japan, partⅡ” Södertälje konsthall,  Sweden
2014“Some no komichi” Nakai-Station Tokyo
2014 “Tsumugu-Spinning”  Gallery Onden Tokyo
2013 ” A greeting from Sweden” Keio Department Store Shinjuku Tokyo
2012 “Jiyu Gakuen Art Exhibition” Jiyu gakuen Tokyo
2011“KTS Exhibition” Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
2010“KTS Exhibition” Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
2009“KTS Exhibition” Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

2016-2017 HV Atelje Stockholm, Sweden 2010
“Salvia hannari megane ten”  comlex+  Kyoto 

2016 RONDE (Japan)
2018 VAV Magasinet-Sacndinavian weaving magazine (Sweden)

Craft class lecture
2013 “Outside in” Kamakura, Japan 
2013 “Jiyu Gakuen” Tokyo, Japan —



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