One of the things that I do next to warp Ikat Tapestry pieces is a moss weaving series. When I was studying textile art at the Kawashima textile school in Kyoto, the fluffy feeling of the moss garden in Kyoto was wonderful. I wanted to feel this fluffiness and the green colour indoors as well! This was the inspiration for my work. I weaved a moss door, a moss mat, and also made a moss brooch as an accessory. This series is mainly woven with knotting techniques used for weaving carpets. I use raffia, silk, wool and linen as weft yarn. 

Moss door / Moss mat

Moss 1 in the forest

Moss 2 in the forest

Moss 3 in the forest

Moss brooch, wool

Moss brooches, raffia

Moss brooches and straw hats

Moss brooch and bag

Moss tapestries under construction

Moss series, weft

Moss mini tapestry

The moss brooch is sometimes sold at the exhibition at JM Shop at the Free Gakuen Asuikan. I will let you know if they are offering moss brooches again. Generally, moos weaving is still work in progres and I plan to continue with different variations of it.


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