I sewed my kimono wedding dress from japanese kimono fabrics.

My wedding dress

The fabric is from the temple flee market in Japan. Actually the fabric is meant for Kimono underwear (Jyuban) but it’s white, soft and shiny silk so….It can be a wedding dress!!

Material for the wedding dress (Kimono fabric from temple flea-market)

Sewing my wedding dress

My Wedding dress

Camisole: put crystal beads on the silk fabric.

Kimono wedding dress front side

Weddig photo


Our wedding ceremony was at Stockholm City Hall. It took 3 minutes and we only invited family. I felt this kimono dress was suitable for such a small wedding party and it was a lot of fun to make my wedding dress by myself!

I’m happy if my kimono wedding dress will be a source of inspiration for future brides 🙂 A small tip at the end, put as many gathers as you can on the skirt part, then it’s looks perfect!


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